Dining Guide

Serving you with freshness of ingredients and meticulous cooking style of masterly chefs for a top-notch taste.
You can also select fine materials delivered directly from the sea in your own preference.
Seafood Market and Restaurant offers you a wide variety of services as follows:

Option 1 “Choose-Your-Own-Seafood”
To answer customers’ difference food preferences, Seafood Market and Restaurant offers “Choose-Your-Own-Seafood” service where you can opt for fresh seafood along more than 50-meter fresh food stall as if you pick it from the sea yourself.
Our waiters are available to give you recommended menus and cooking methods. Then the selected raw materials will be directly sent to our kitchen for cooking in your own preference.
You can easily follow these steps:
1. Select seafood
2. Weigh in seafood and make a payment
3. Cooking your chosen menu
4. Wait a minute
5. Once finishing the meal, make a payment for cooking and drinks
*Apart from the above steps, we also offer “Set menu” for those who prefer faster meal by easily choosing from either eastern or western menus.

Option 2 VIP Room
For another level of your privacy, Seafood Market and Restaurant fulfills your needs ranging from party, meeting, seminar to press conference. Our restaurant provides more than 14 VIP ROOMS decorated in the perfectly elegant East-meets-West style and able to serve up to 50 guests with superior services and top-notch seafood menus in your own preference.

Option 3 Ball Room
Apart from VIP rooms, Seafood Market and Restaurant facilitates your with Ball Room, each able to serve up to 250 guests, for purposes of meeting, seminar, press conference or festivity, and also garden venue for outdoor events with complete services all the time. We are willing to serve your VIP guests with tasty seafood from Seafood Market and Restaurant which each menu is cooked in your own style.

*For more convenience, any customer who want to come in a group and order Set menu, please make a reservation.