Yummy, Yummy, Yum!

Post : 2014-07-24 10:47:20
By : mightywease

            The slogan of Seafood Market is "If it swims we have it" and certainly the array of fresh fish, shellfish, lobsters, crabs and other seafood seems to bear this out.

It is more like a large food court that a restaurant, seating I would imagine into the hundreds. your A waiter helps you choose what you want - not just seafood but vegetables and other accompaniments - from what looks like a huge fresh fish/deli counter at a supermarket. Fun in itself as you try and decide whether you want another huge shrimp or that extra bit of cuttlefish. If you are unsure the waiter is there to advise and, later, advice will also come on how best to have the food cooked and served such as in a in a Thai Curry Sauce, a soup, deep fried, boiled etc..

The standard of cooking is excellent and the service speedy. Seeing your piece of fish return having been tuned into a delicious chilli based curry is like the food equivalent of "Stars in Their Eyes"

The cost is based on what you choose, its weight and the way it is cooked so you can either choose carefully and keep the price down or - especially if you go for the lobster - splash out and rack the price up. I would imagine a good average would be 30.00-40.00 sterling for two including drinks and a good amount of food. This is certainly not going to be the cheapest meal you can have in Bangkok but it will probably be one of the most memorable. 

Favorite Dish: We had lobster, cuttlefish, huge shrimps, white fish and so much more I can't remember. It was all wonderful!